What CMS do we support

Joomla website maintenance

Cetera offers Joomla website support in Zimbabwe for $10/hour or unlimited plans from $890/month to $1,700/month. Our developers and designers support more than 50 webshops and 1,000 websites for 100+ customers in Zimbabwe and worldwide.

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Joomla! is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP and JavaScript that uses a MySQL DBMS or other standard industrial relational DBMS as a database storage. It is free software licensed under the GNU GPL.

Joomla features:

  • Security module for multilevel user/administrator authentication.
  • News, products or services sections are easily editable and manageable.
  • Topic sections can be added by authors.
  • Fully customizable layouts, including left, right and center menu blocks.
  • Upload images using a browser to your own library - for later use from anywhere on the site.
  • Forum/Polls/Votes for effective feedback.
  • Works under Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX, Solaris, AIX, SCO, Windows and Windows Server.

Support services

  • Usability and conversion optimization.
  • Search engines optimisation.
  • Web advertising campaings management.
  • HTML-coding.
  • PHP- and JS-programming (modules, extensions, integration).
  • Design (banners, goods photos, collages webshop redesign).
  • Content management (new goods, social media management, reviews, SEO-articles).
  • Highload hosting or Apache-webserver and MySQL-database administration at your webserver.
  • Backup, anti-virus, security.



  • All services are prepaid.
  • Service Level Agreement avaiable.
  • We accept PayPal (corporate account, so we can send you invoice).
  • Also, we have LLC in EU. For EU customers VAT is not charged.

Our tech stack

Webshops, that we develop, utilize widely-used, free, and open-source software with worldwide support available.

  1. Linux operating system.
  2. Apache web-server.
  3. MySQL database server.
  4. PHP programming language.
  5. Twig template processing for PHP.
  6. SASS cascade style sheets extension.
  7. PUG template processing for HTML.
  8. ExtJS, AngularJS and jQuery JavaScript libraries.
  9. Various eCommerce platforms.